Kraft Is Paying for A Babysitter So You Get Some Kid-Free Time On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and moms, you deserve to spend your day however you would like to. If your wishing you could have a break for your Mother’s Day gift, well, Kraft is here for you.

The makers of everyone’s favorite boxed mac and cheese have an amazing offer for all moms this Mother’s Day: They will pay for a babysitter — up to $100 worth —


Just like the video says, this Mother’s Day, you can have the gift of not being needed. But just for a day. Kraft calls it a time for moms enjoy a day of “No meltdowns, no diaper changes and no going to the bathroom with kids pounding on the door.”

You might be asking yourself, “What’s the catch?” We certainly did. But there doesn’t appear to be one. You simply hire a babysitter on Mother’s Day, head to Kraft Mother’s Day Away site, upload some kind of receipt that shows what you paid for childcare that day, and wait for Kraft to send you a check to reimburse the cost of the sitter.

So get ready to enjoy Mother’s Day on your terms, moms. Thanks to Kraft, you don’t need to be needed that day. The kids are taken care of. Go enjoy your day.

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